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Houda Remita


Born and raised in Alsace-France, Houda had always been totally fascinated by art, cinema, fashion, literature, and decided to move to Paris, quintessence of artistic activity to discover the way to express herself and her talent through the make-up. After a school, she joined an agency in 1993 and began very soon to work for the fashion industry. Since then, she had the opportunity to work all over the world with international photographers, stylists, and actors. Houda is currently based in Paris where she collaborates with the most remarkable artists and fashion shows of this age.



  • 10 Men Magazine
  • Amica
  • Antidote
  • D La Repubblica
  • Grey
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Harper’s Bazaar Singapore
  • Harper’s Bazaar Spain
  • Jalouse Magazine
  • L’Express Styles
  • Marie Claire France
  • Marie Claire Italia
  • Numéro
  • Numéro China
  • Numéro Russia
  • S Moda for El Pais
  • V Man
  • Vogue Germany
  • Vogue Japan
  • Vogue Nederland
  • Vogue Paris
  • Vogue Russia


  • Alessio Bolzoni
  • Alexandra Sophie
  • Alique
  • Andrea Spotorno
  • Bjarne Jonasson
  • Daniela Duella
  • Joe Lai
  • Johan Sandberg
  • Julia Noni
  • Koto Bolofo
  • Nagi Sakai
  • Nico Bustos
  • Phil Poynter
  • Philippe Cometti
  • Quentin De Briey
  • Toby Knott
  • Txema Yeste
  • Xevi Muntane
  • Yu Tsai


  • Lanvin