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Micol Salvioni


Make-up Artist by chance, Micol Vanessa Salvioni was born in the countryside of Milan. Daughter of a great painter with a rare sense of art, she had always had the big dream to become a famous theater actress. In order to be faithfull to her talent, once finished her High school, she attended an affirmed Theater Accademy for 3 years, in which she approached for the first time the fascinating world of make-up. It is from this moment that Micol’s career as Make-up Artist begins: after attending a make-up class in Italy in fact she completes her vocational training in New York City. During her professional life, she had the opportunity to meet 2 great Make-up Artists, Renato Bernardi and Romualdo Priore, always sources of ideas and inspiration for Micol. Today she continues to carry on the same enthusiasm of the beginning and she keeps in her heart the spirit of art and beauty that marked her entire life.. and surely her future too.



  • Artlinea
  • Bonato
  • Canali
  • Carrera
  • Giampiero Fiorini
  • Phillip Gavriel
  • Strada Est
  • Tatras
  • Versace


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  • Hans Withoos
  • Marco Pietracupa
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  • Yuri Catania


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