Martina Riebeck


Born and raised in Germany, Martina approached the world of fashion in Italy. She began her practice as a freelance stylist in Milan but decided to move to Paris to acquire experience and improve in her career collaborating with editorials such as “20 ans“ and “Biba“ for some years. She worked as a fashion editor for “Elle Germany“ for a while and decided then to come back to Milan where she is still based. Martina currently collaborates with fashion magazines “Bolero“ and “Tush“ and follows clients such as Moschino, La Perla, Manor, and Schwarzkopf to name a few.



  • Bolero
  • F Magazine
  • Wall Street Journal


  • Bree
  • Hugo Boss
  • La Perla
  • Manor Lingerie


  • Daniel Thomas Smith
  • Giorgio Z Gatti
  • Keila Guilarte
  • Markus Jans