Tribute to Jean Paul Goude

Alessio Cocchi, photographer, shows us the service dedicated to Jean Paul Goude in collaboration with Ernesto Montenovo, hair stylist.
Artist and illustrator of French origin, recognized for his technique of blending graphics, photography, direction, advertising and all the creative arts, in a unique and inimitable way …
He created advertising campaigns and illustrations for brands such as Chanel, Citroën, Kodak, Perrier and Shiseido.
He also worked with the magazine ” Esquire ”, founded by David Smart and Arnold Gingrich, mainly dealing with men’s fashion.

Ernesto explains how the behind-the-scenes service was carried out.
The first with the square head was inspired by Grace Jones (Model and singer who strongly inspired Jean Paul)
Grace is dating Jean Paul in the seventies, he will be the one who will completely revolutionize his image as well as create the covers of his records
The second, on the other hand, was entirely conceived by Ernesto taking a cue from some archive images concerning Jean Paul, an idea subsequently approved by Alessio.